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The New Soul Republic

I’m Lennon English, an energetic and dedicated full-time singer, songwriter, and musician. I’m currently seeking aΒ  bassist, guitarist, and aΒ keyboardist. I’ve been having some amazing progress writing, performing and selling my music. The album production is almost complete and I need musicians for the band, New Soul Republic (NSR), to perform and get the music out, a lot like how Janelle Monae does with Wondaland. My sound can be described as a mixture of soul, funk, rock, hip-hop, rock, and fusion/electronica. If you took Hendrix, Badu, Outkast, Cee-Lo, NIN, P. Funk, and Prince, put them in a cauldron and mixed them all together, you’d have my sound.Β (

I’m serious about this music thing so I’m looking for musicians that are fully dedicated to being a part of the group for the long haul. That means working hard, showing up to practice, showing up for studio time, and jamming out to create dynamic new material that we can build into a Movement. Band members will be expected to contribute musically and logistically. That means inviting friends to the FB page, engaging people via social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), and promoting shows together. There will be shows where we make a lot of money and there’s going to be shows where we don’t make a lot of money, however, I’m already seeing a lot of success because of my consistency and dedication. If this sounds like something you’re interested in being a part of or you just want to do some networking or gig trading, contact me using the form below.

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