Musician Auditions

The New Soul Republic is seeking dedicated musicians located in Washington DC with amazing skills on the bass guitar, keyboards, drums, and guitar to help round out the current lineup of core musicians. Don’t play any of those instruments, that’s ok! NSR regularly performs with additional augmentation (back up singers, horns, strings, and world instruments).

Auditions are ongoing! We are always looking for the right people for the right projects. If you are interested in auditioning, please take the following steps:

  1. Complete the audition intake form here
  2. Follow the instructions in the reply email
  3. email a link to your work
  4. Check out Lennon’s work at so you will be prepared for your audition.
  5. Have fun!

Best of Luck to All and “Follow the Light…”


About Lennon English and the New Soul Republic:

The New Soul Republic (NSR) is a diverse collective of musicians and other creative artists that collaborate on projects in order to create a dynamic movement in music and the creative arts. NSR is currently seeking the core members of the music collective (the main members of the NSR band) consisting  of Lennon English (lead singer/songwriter, and musician), guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, and percussionist. As we grow through the near future, we will add synth player(s), a horn section, a string ensemble, alternative percussionists, and a trio of background singers to more fully develop the sound of the group.  NSR’s primary role is to back up Lennon English for live performances and studio session recordings


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