Hail the Metro

Today was a good karma kind of day. after waking up and writing some smooth tracks influenced by Nate Dogg and Femi Kuti, I spent my day making things work. I had some consulting work to keep the bills paid midday at Keller Williams, then headed back to the studio finish up.

My karma must have known I needed help because Erin Sabina from Custom Ink and her colleague asked the bus driver to wait for me. We chatted up a bit about some of the wild custom t-shirt creations her buddies are always coming up with and about how I knew some bands that were looking to have some shirts made. Those two ladies rock! I definitely feel we made a solid connect on some music/business related networking on that ride.

It didn’t stop there. I upon changing from the orange, to the red, to the green line, I saw a scrappy looking dude carrying a guitar case and asked him about his music. It was Tim Arnold from Moonlight Flit! We talked about his upcoming trip to Bangladesh, his last project, and the music he was making right now and it sounded like he was on a real cool music vibe. We agreed to hook up when he gets back to DC and he gave me a copy of his album “Road to the Outside”. I like it front to back! it goes from mellow and smooth to a funky rock groove and back again. Tim and Mike Rhoades connection as brothers is obvious as the chemistry is righteously apparent between guitar, drums, and some honest vocals, but I gotta say, I really liked what Simon Eastwood was cooking up on the bass. Made me want to get some whiskey with the crew. I can’t wait to hear more from these guys.

In the meantime, I need to post this article ASAP so I’m not late for London Souls at DC9!

London Souls

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