Interplanetary Creativity Initiative Day 16

3-4a: EPK story boards for Fujareh

1-4p: Audio/video editing for muse videos 1/2. I am hoping more of the audio is recoverable because it will be usable for the EPK.

5-6p: Researched music licensing opportunities and process. has excellent articles on this particular process as well as posted opportunities for finished products.

7-8p: research alternative methods for making money with music. Found several websites dedicated to paying people for sharing music, however, the payment options are pretty skewed; $15 for every 1000 shares. only a viral vid would be worth that kind of effort.

8-9p: worked on the track “Stay (caramel remix)

Had a late start and a little ADHD today but i’ll be back on the early program tomorrow. Follow the light…

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