Interplanetary Creativity Initiative Day 18



Saw this Harley on my way from class to the open mic night at Bohemian Caverns. I’d love to start one up on the way to gigs.

8-9a: Music focused power hour. Critiqued my music creations from yesterday and tried to envision what might make the album.

9-10.30a: Began mixing the songs and tracks I picked out for the tracklist. Under the moon, and i can’t are done. liberation, quest4truth, iKnow, smashing, and outer space need the vocals and horns recorded. I might cover use me ( need to try to get licensing from BIll WIthers).

11a-12p: Guitar practice

10.30p-1a: Bohemian Caverns Open Mic: i signed up. hopefully i get a chance to sing.

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