Interplanetary Creativity Initiative Day 19

Broke out the Casio 475 to work on keys, chords, and some theory. 2hrs and counting. It’s old but she sounds okay and i know my way around her.

9-10a: Music Power Hour. I dreamt some music last night so I tried to get the concept down before I forgot. I sang a few scales and did my “Tony Robbins Routine”

10-12a: Feeling pretty energetic, skipped breakfast and ate information instead. I read a few articles that talked about Ceelo Green’s creative process, Andre Benjamin as Jimi Hendrix in the upcoming film, Successful Kickstarter campaigns, and jazz piano methods invented by Art Tatum.

1p-3p: Piano practice: I feel like I’nm getting a lot bgetter really fast however I need to practice singing and playing at the same damn time.

5-7.30p: Guitar practice: worked on lost without you and How Can I. also started rewriting Loving You.

9-10p: Spoke to Brian about playing Indulj with his group. He wants me to sit in on sax but i don;t have it out of the repair shop.

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