Interplanetary Creativity Initiative Day 2

Day2 of the Lennon English Interplanetary Creativity Initiative (stardate 09182012):

8-9a: Made 8 new music connections on LinkedIn and Twitter.

9-10a: shopped for a new bass guitar online. Found a nice four string with dead pickups for $100. I might purchase it in a few weeks.

12p-1.30p: Attended touring appointment with Listen Vision Studios. I took John Crawford, a bassist for NSR with me. I met with Marcus Dowling and Jeremy Beaver who offered me a great package deal on mastering 5 tracks for radio and doing a 1 hour guest session. **this could be used to advertise future shows, the album release, and the Lennon English Kickstarter Campaign.

2-8.30p: Studio collaboration session with John Mark. We wrote several songs: Dreamin’, Leaving, Dying2live, and WhatsYourName. JM and I write VERY WELL together. we vibe off of each other’s energy and we can be brutally honest with each other about track material. Once JM checks his schedule we will schedule a session per week.

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