Interplanetary Creativity Initiative Day 23

I can’t believe I’ve made it to Day 23!

Today I got off to an early start, 6a. I started off working on “dope” and “recreated”. I’ve written some lyrics out but they don;t quite bring out the feel of the song. Back to the drawing board on that.

6-7a: Read firs four chapters of “Music Composition for Dummies”/

7-9: piano and guitar practice

10a-12p: worked on “dope”, recreated, and built a new sequencer with both an upright bass and an electric bass.

3-8p: revisited “Jazzywalk”, “lifeline”, “the way it is”, “the way i feel”, and “king of the void”. “I’m looking for inspiration for the lyrics for recreated and dope”. this is difficult.

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