Interplanetary Creativity Initiative Day 3

Image: Grinding in the Haunted house with the Fujareh Vocalists!

Day 3 of the Lennon English Interplanetary Creativity Initiative (Stardate 09192012)

8-9a: Music review of yesterday’s studio session with John Mark. I need to get a new preamp and a usb audio input/output to record multiple live audio streams into Cubase.

9a-12p: Grind session with Reyhana (l) and Samantha (r) of Fujareh. We needed to learn the vocal arrangements for “Under the Moon (Reggae Remix)” by Lennon English, “No Other Love” by John Legend featuring Estelle, and “Come Over” by Estelle.

1p-2.30p: Lunch with fellow founding member for New Soul Republic (NSR), Tyrone Basilio. He gave me archived copies of all of NSR’s performance videos. I’ll be editing video for days.

4-5p: Initial review of the new video material acquired from Tyrone. I had to build a YouTube channel to help accommodate the editing process.

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