Interplanetary Creativity Initiative Day 30 6

Day 30 of the Interplanetary Creativity Initiative was a pinnacle of success! I have Steinberg’s Nuendo digital audio workstation up and running optimized for my setup. It runs beautifully with the Tascam 600 on the HP G6 Notebook. Technology is awesome!

6-7a: Music Power Hour

9a-1p: Nuendo setup and walk-through. After playing with the suite and recording with it over the last few days, I wanted to optimize it’s performance to get the best sound at the lowest latency. I set up Nuendo 3 different ways that I thought would be the most comfortable for me and created a checklist for myself to ensure I make the best of each session.

1p-4p: Instrumental music practice. Worked on guitar, sax, and piano. I’m really enjoying the guitar sessions which are incredibly difficult, and it feels so good to have my sax back home.

4-6p: tested recording levels in Nuendo through the Behringer mixer.

Even though the 30 day initiative has concluded I will continue to create new material every day and follow this routine i’ve set for myself. Follow the light…


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