Interplanetary Creativity Initiative Day 4

Lennon English Interplanetary Creativity Initiative: Day 4 (Stardate: 09202012)

Summary: Spent all day editing video. Picasa was used for initial cuts. I’m turning on Cubase and Nuendo tomorrow for the “reel” deal hardcore stuff. I really hope i can fix the audio. It’s kinda busted.

8-11a: Review and chop videos into manageable sections and import to Picasa.

12.30p-4p: Worked on the Muse Lounge Muse lounge 1 and 2 videos. The audio quality is very poor. once I’ve finished the chopping process i’ll need to find a way to try to master the audio in Cubase or Nuendo. this is going to take some time. it was unrealistic of me to think i might have a usable video in a day or two. live and learn.

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