Interplanetary Creativity Initiative Day 5

I need this ($150):

Day 5 of the Lennon English Interplanetary Creativity Initiative (Stardate 09212012)

This morning started off with writing two new tracks one called retrospect. and another called clones. Retrospect isn’t that great but clones will make a grown man cry. I look forward to revisiting these tracks tonight real late when the madness of the weekend starts taking over human beings.

8-8.30a: Social media adds and responses to overnight messages.

9-10a: Researched laptop based, modular studio setups and found the main device I will need for the remaining work on my album recordings is a USB2 Audio Interface. The Tascam pictured here will more than suit my needs until I can spring for a studio grade device. It has good reviews on the sound quality and low latency.

11a-1p: Concept recordings for “clones” and “retrospect”

1.30-2.00p: Confirmed the set for tomorrows show with Claude, band director for Fujareh. Finalized the print order for the Fujareh business cards and fliers and confirmed them for pickup this evening.

2-3.30p: Practiced the set being performed tomorrow at he Hyattsville Arts Festival. We’re including a reggae version of one of my originals “underthemoon”.

4.30-5p: Met up with Baxer, a guitarist and Xavier and dubstep/electronica producer to talk about some really experimental songs i want to do for the album.

7-7.30p: Had a conversation with Brandy at WLVS about joining her on her radio show for an hour stint within the next 3weeks.

9p-until: I’m going to recession proof happy hour. i’m going to have some drinks and talk to everyone I can about my music.

Tomorrow’s the show! Afterward hopefully I’ll be editing video all night. Follow the light…

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