Interplanetary Creativity Initiative Day 8

Day 7 of the Lennon English Interplanetary Creativity Initiative

Unfortunately the city of DC was drilling outside my window for 4.5 hours this morning so I didn;t get much time to work on music. I did however get a chance to finally knock out half of the WordPress training I need to maintain my website. I also spoke with John, Mitch, and Marcus about the WLVS radio spot. I’m not quite ready for it yet but it is definitely added to my list of milestones to accomplish.

7.30-8a: planning period. blocked off time to contact Marcus, John, Mitch and Brandi about the Radio Initiative.

8.30-9.30a: continued reviewing the audio stream from the Hyattsville show. I think it might be a good enough quality to podcast parts of it over the course of the next few weeks. Review and production halted due to excessive noise. It was too loud to work on audio or video editing most of the day.

9.30a-12p: first half of WordPress Training.

4-5p: Phone consultation with Marcus and Mitchell to discuss when and how to fit in the WLVS Radio opportunity.

6-8p: Music Practice. Today I worked on basic chord structure for piano and guitar. my guitar skills need serious work.

8-9pm: began 2nd half of WordPress Training

9.59-10.45p: worked on the lyrics for “deja vu” and “professor”

I’d not done working on music tonight. I’ m not going to make it to Marvin to Watch DJ Jaysoniq work tonight but it’s ok. next time i see him i hope to have track for him to spin. follow the light…


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