Interplanetary Creativity Movement: Day 1

FLStudio screenshot of the trackwork for “brokeasajoke.flp”

Today, the Lennon English Interplanetary Creation Initiative was highlighted by a new track and band practice.

8am: 30min working with Marion B. of NSR to get the NSR video re-posted to the webpage. It needs to be resent, formatted, and posted. I will do that after band practice tonight.

9-10.30a: 1.5 hr stint connecting with fellow musicians and producers through Linkedin and Twitter highlighted by scheduling a tour at Listen Vision Studios tomorrow at noon. The appointment is confirmed with the sound engineer and manager Scott B., however a tech named Marcus will be giving me the tour.

1-3p: I spent 2hrs writing a track called “brokeasajoke” and creating a new sine wave model for a Sytrus instrument (Sytrus is the synthesizer in FLStudio that enables you to create virtual instruments).

From 6-9.30p I had band practice with Fujareh in Silver Spring and booked a spot in the Hyattsville Arts Festival this Saturday at 3.30p. I’m going to post the productivity to my Tumblr blog and send it asap. in the meantime i included a video from the practice session this afternoon. (the videos are sideways and the sound was distorted. i will attempt to tape the next practice and the performance on Saturday).

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