Mitchell and Melanie…. Magnificent!


Mitchell, Melanie,

I love you two! I’m so excited that the big day is just two days away and you haven’t driven yourselves mad with delight yet! While I was running around trying to get my tux and other crazy preparations for your most blessed and special union this weekend, I was contemplating how hard you were going to hit me when I call you “Mitchanie” later. I’ve been watching you two love birds grow into a magnificent representation of love, wisdom, determination, and patience for a few years now and I am so proud of you! I just want you to know the song I started working on this morning is inspired by you two, and the excitement I feel not just for today and your amazing wedding weekend, but for how blessed I am to have you both in my life. Melanie, you’re going to be a beautiful magnificent bride, and Mitchell you are going to be a dashing and magnificent groom! Congratulations! Here’s to you….

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