Mobile Studio: #SoulFusionOnTheMove


I started using FL Studio Mobile for Android 60 days ago to capture music concepts while I was on the go. That was one of the best ideas I’ve had this year! I’ve initiated 38 concepts on my Galaxy 7 2.0 tablet during my numerous metro train rides through Washington DC, which I might add probably makes me look like a total nut job, but I don’t mind that at all. I’ve even had some woman’s little girl crawl over into my lap to tap the “piano keys”. That was another subtle reminder of how the curiosity of kids is so awesome that they will crawl across complete strangers to obtain new knowledge!

FL Studio Mobile comes FL Studio Mobile - screenshotwith a built in manual but it is super simple to figure out. Anyone with experience
working on digital audio workstations will get it immediately. My process is pretty simple. I usually open a new track and open the step sequencer. Then I lay my bass lines, melodies, and harmonies in the “piano roll”. Once I finish, I like to back up my work to my Google Drive, and then post a sample to my Instagram like so:

Tip: I went crazy with creating material on this thing so I use a lot of device storage. I bought a 64GB micro SD card from San Disk but it is a piece of shit (San Disk’s Ultra Micro SD Card has lost my data twice… which reminds me; as soon as I get a little time, I’m replacing that card and writing an email to tell them how crappy their memory cards really are.

FL Studio Mobile was the second best $20 I spent this year. #SoulFusionOnTheMove

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