Nuendo Knowledge Growth

First I have to say the team at Steinberg is genius. Not only did they make an amazing platform for musicians and producers in Cubase, but they backed it up with an awesome post production tool with Nuendo. The best part is for the quality of the software, features, capability, and flexibility, the cost is extremely affordable!

So I’ve been using Cubase for years and was recently exposed to Nuendo. The menus and placement of told and device management were Greek to me. At first, I was extremely frustrated because I also had some sound card issues. After studying the manual, however, things are turning out pretty good. After studying the manual I found out I started to realize that Nuendo is optimized for post

production while Cubase is more for creation. I think that’s why I, a creator, had so much trouble on the front end of Nuendo! Salvation. I’ve decided to keep grinding out my studio sessions with Cubase and then do my mixing mastering and post production in Nuendo. Perfect team.

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