Seeking a Manager

tuxI’m a versatile Songwriter specializing in Soul Fusion music. I’m seeking an artist manager to help expand my career over the next 3 years and help boost my success to its maximum potential. A successful manager would obviously be considered for renewal.

Primary duties will include:
– Helping me with major business decisions
– Helping with the creative process (selecting producers, hiring band members, selecting photographers, etc)
– Promoting career and increasing and diversifying revenue streams
– Assembling and heading my professional team (lawyers, business manager, engineers, PR, etc)
– Coordinating concert tours
– Maximizing product exposure by staying on record companies, marketing and advertising, and distribution firms.
– Generally act as a buffer between the outside world

Managers typically make approximately 15% of earnings, however, compensation, exclusions, term, and sunset clauses are all negotiable. I’d prefer a powerful well-connected manager with one or more major clients who is wildy enthusiastic about my sound and my development but I will most certainly consider a young inexperienced manager who is wiling to kill for me.

Interested candidates will review my music, bio, EPK, and then contact me through filling out the form below or through the “Contact” page. I’ll require a resume and references before scheduling an interview.

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