Soul Fusion: Day 1

So if you’ve been in touch with me over the course of the last two months I’ve been talking about this mystery music I call Soul Fusion. I created the term Soul Fusion out of a very specific need to explain what I’m doing with my music. People wouldhendix come up to me after shows and ask,” That’s cool what do you call that? What genre is it?” My reply has always been, “Well if you take Hendrix, Badu, Outkast, Parliament, Sammy Davis, Jr, and like Maroon 5, then you’d have something close to my music.”

So lately, I’ve been working on some pieces with a minimalist approach. My music is going through the same thing I am. I had a bunch of stuff in my life and i felt like i was clogged and cluttered and there was just a lot going on…too much to manage. My life solution was getting rid of a bunch of stuff, giving it away, throwing stuff away, or archiving things I thought I might need later. I took a long look at the evolution of my sound over the course of the last year. It’s been a really aggressive minimization along the lines of what the hell am I trying to say with this piece? What do I hear? What did i add outside of the original sound that was stuck in my head? What excites me about this piece? Is there any noise in the song? Is there anything here that shouldn’t be hear? Is anything missing?

I’ve got some help with the answers, my family and friends will tell you I send them tracks all the time and ask them (sometimes at 3am…sorry mom!), hey i just finished working with this concept can you tell me what you think? I have the most awesome friends in the galaxy so they usually curse me out and start telling me what they like, what they don;t what it might need. here’s the latest comeuppance.

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