Soul Fusion Day 2: The Heist

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Yesterday I woke up and begin writing a track currently entitled “The Heist”. I don;t know why I called it that because I don’t hear any lyrics in my head for it yet but the song is what Riley from The Boondocks would call “Sooo Gangsta”. Its got a whine remnant of the Warren G., Nate Dogg days and the beat just goes in from the 16th bar until the end of the song.

I sent the tracks out to my Conglomerate (thanks Mitch and Corey for getting back to me so soon with the critiques) and so far the only thing I’m told I need to work out is the balancing, and levels, and possibly looking for a different bass. I admit the bass I have is mediocre, but I’m saving up for a nice 5 string bass to play all my lines in live with… there’s just something about a live bassline that you really can’t beat. It might be the funk of it.

The power hour and subsequent guitar drills are the perfect way to start any day but my productivity took a nose dive when I figured out I had a virus on my computer. Ahhh, the digital age! I wanted to spend the day making the corrections to the track and working out lyrics but I have two assignments to get posted to class and my PC has a virus that is preventing me from getting the assignments posted. Doing some troubleshooting for someone else i apparently got my own machine infected. Hopefully, the virus removal tool gets it worked out and I can post the papers tonight and be focused on music all day tomorrow. Until then all of you can check out one of my favorite tracks by Hendrix.

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