Soul Fusion Day 4: The Upgrade


“Can’t keep a kid from his toys…” ¬†My awesome landlady, Ms. Jones, got a new flatscreen television so she decided to give me her old one for free. I don’t watch TV so I got a HDMI cable and voila… dual screen digital audio workstations! It’s so amazing how when you’re doing what you love things just work out. Synchronicity. Today is going to be a busy day.

  • Call the three booking managers i tried to reach on Wednesday
  • Review and sign the contract hiring the new artist manager
  • 3hr Studio session with up and coming rapper
  • 5pm meeting with u st venue owner
  • Follow up with new keyboardist
  • #GuitarDrills

I’ll be posting a new song next week so get ready to bump your head to a super cool new track. Promise you’ll dig it.

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