#SoulFusion Underground Countdown: Day 19

Today was a hell of a day. Following the practice yesterday, i realized i need to grow the NSR Collective quite a bit. I really was looking forward to working with my regular team on the #SoulFusion Underground show but I lost my bass player and the drummer didn’t even show up. I’ve prepared soundtracks to perform to, but I’d really to have a live contingent for this entire show. I just feel like that is the best way to go. I switched up my daily routine a bit to make sure I’m 100% focused for this project. The morning groove is the same except longer.

  1.  Wake up!
  2. Knock down a full sprint 1.5 mile run. I take 14th to U st NW, then I come up 13th NW back to the pad, taking that huge hill in front of Cardoza as the second to last leg of the run. It’s a killer hill and I love the view of DC from its zenith.
  3. Stretch
  4. Yoga Sun Salutations (until my arms burn)
  5. Meditate
  6. 50 Pushups, 150 Crunches
  7. 1 hour Sax Practice,
  8. 1 hour Bass Practice
  9. 30 minute Guitar drills and vocal drills
  10. Record at least one new concept.
  11. Check the #SoulFusion Underground project/task status in Asana.com
  12. Select a blog topic and choose posting time
  13. Check email/vmail/sms and follow up and communications
  14. Check any other projects’ status
  15. Work on #SoulFusion task list

Now that I’ve gotten myself into a groove with my creative process and improving my musicianship, I can focus on perfecting material that will be used for the show. So far, I’ve selected 20 original songs, and I’m considering three covers. Existing members of the NSR collective can access the songs, master song list, and other show materials via Google Drive. My sister, LaToya, the PR genius, created a new graphic and flyer that looks pretty awesome so I posted that to the event website and to the Facebook Event page. I’m really excited about the social media marketing campaign I built by combining the principles from my soon to be published book, The 4 Horsemen of Social Media, and what I call “The Master Product Launch Marketing System”, based on the advice of one of my best friends and CEO of Tulsa Applications‘, Mitchell Harris (click his name to follow his new Twitter feed). Word is spreading pretty rapidly. I even had an old friend text me that she was pissed that she found out about my show through Facebook before hearing from me but I guess she should have probably been on the lennonenglish.com newsletter email list serve. lol. Duly noted.

Tomorrow I’ll be at it again but I have to take a four hour break in the middle of the day to handle some side projects which means I’ll have to move #14 into #12’s spot. Its going to be a very productive week.

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