#SoulFusion Underground: Day 18

Today went almost exactly as planned. Following the morning groove, I reached out to three more bass players I know and also put out an ad on Craigslist for a new bass player. Moses, the keys/synth player, came through with a promising drummer. Hi name is Doug and I can’t wait to meet him. Him nad Moses have jammed together several times and according to Moses, Doug has great energy, a strong pocket, and a surprise for the audience. I didn;t eat a lot today which isn’t a good thing. I’ll have to talk to Melanie over at Healthy By Choice and see what she recommends. My photographer, Kamau, is in town and I’m going to try to link up with him tonight. Here’s a summary of trhe day


  1.  Wake up!
  2. Knock down a full sprint 2.5 mile run. I take 14th to S st NW, then I come up 13th NW back to the pad, taking that huge hill in front of Cardoza twice as the second to last leg of the run. I love that view… its perfect for the end of a hard run.
  3. Yoga Sun Salutations (until my arms burn)
  4. Meditate
  5. 50 Pushups, 150 Crunches
  6. 1 hour Sax Practice,
  7. 1 hour Bass Practice
  8. 30 minute Guitar drills and vocal drills
  9. Recorded a new concept called and temporarily named the track “contriteandamazing”. I’m running out of track titles for my database so I’m going to use an alphabetic naming system from now on.
  10. Check the #SoulFusion Underground project/task status in Asana.com
  11. Select a blog topic and choose posting time
  12. Check email/vmail/sms and follow up and communications
  13. Check any other projects’ status
  14. Work on #SoulFusion task list

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