#SoulFusionUnderground: Day 16

Today was awesome! I picked up a ZipCar and drove up to Columbia Maryland to meet up with Kamau after we discussed music plans, he showed me his new website at http://kamaubrothers.com it looks fantastic and is a major improvement over his last site. We had a conversation last November about his present and Kamau said since he’s made the changes he’s been getting bookings all over the country. I’m really proud of him.We met up with Jorell Keels and Akilah Everett, both of whom are fellow Flintstones, and talked business, caught up, and made a commitment to keep up with each other. Mitchell sure was right when he said it would be a good year.


  1. 6.30a Wake up!
  2. 2 mile run
  3. Yoga: Sun Salutations
  4. Meditate
  5. 50 Pushups, 150 Crunches
  6. 1 hour Sax Practice,
  7. 1 hour Bass Practice
  8. 30 minute Guitar drills and vocal drills
  9. Recorded a new concept and added piano to “ever”.
  10. Pick up Kamau so we can catch up and do a creative grind session.
  11. Check the #SoulFusion Underground project/task status in Asana.com
  12. Check email/vmail/sms and follow up and communications
  13. Rework “holdonme” soundtrack… it’s missing something.
  14. Follow up with Mike of daprgrv.tumblr.com about DJing the show
  15. Work on #SoulFusion task list
  16. Work with Kamau on visual plans

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