#SoulFusionUnderground: Day 17

Humpday! i’ve got a cache of photos to upload this evening. Once i’m finished with that, I need to meet up with the manager to make sure the next three venues are picked out and contacted. Tanicia, the bartender at Jin Lounge, took my contact information and will have the manger reach out to me about the pop-up/listening party happy hour we’re having next Thursday. It’s pretty cold out but I imagine a few people will get bored and hit the scene just because its almost the weekend. I forgot next Monday is President’s Day. I’ll have to contact the band to see if they want to jam out at my place or over at Elite Trends Studios just for the hell of it.


  1. 6.30a Wake up!
  2. 2 mile run.
  3. Yoga Sun Salutations (until my arms burn)
  4. Meditate
  5. 50 Pushups, 150 Crunches
  6. 1 hour Sax Practice,
  7. 1 hour Bass Practice
  8. 30 minute Guitar drills and vocal drills
  9. Record new song concept “Deltatango”. this alphabetic naming system was a great idea.
  10. Check the #SoulFusion Underground project/task status in Asana.com
  11. Audition New bass player
  12. Execute midweek website updates
  13. Select a blog topic and choose posting time
  14. Check email/vmail/sms and follow up and communications
  15. Check any other projects’ status
  16. Work on #SoulFusion task list
  17. Perform at Ra’s Karaoke with the gang (gotta have some fun tonight!).
  18. meet with Sperry (manager)

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