The Movement

So this music thing is about to be really symphonic. I’ve been working on music full time for over two months now and made some really cool gains. I completed the single, “iKnow” using Steinberg‘s Cubase  and I’m preparing for the mixing and mastering process. Today I began working on the lyrics for Voodoo and Fire and started revamping particulars of my digital footprint. My Soundcloud and Reverbnation channels are up and running and I’ve got my first 30 likes on Facebook.

The next movement is completing the album and its accompanying performance soundtrack. I’m lucky enough to have some really awesome people on my team. Mitch, my business planning and direction genius, has laid out an template for milestones to meet and measure success and has rightfully improved the consistency of the Movement. Latoya, is laying out a market matrix to help isolate my primary target base and figure out how to reach them in a meaningful way. I’ve tapped the ultra-talented Kamau Brothers and the super-imaginative Mo Lewis to handle the videography for my single “iKnow” so I really excited about their vision and what they might come up with. Hell, hopefully the music is far out there enough to take the track to the moon.

The beauty of this is all I need to do is write good music and execute and everything will continue to fall into place.

A couple lounges have become interested in my sound and what kind of atmosphere it creates so I am now solidifying a relationship with them so I can start touring locally and regionally. Tomorrow is the big meeting, I’m nervous but I know it’ll go well. Now I’m going to go put a new hieroglyph in the back of my head and go watch Black Alley perform at Bar 7.

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