The Movement: Day 3

Band Practice with Fujareh went very well. Samantha and Reyhanna ran down their covers quick fast and I introduced a new original to the song list  It’s temporary title is called “jazzywalk”; so named for it’s almost frenetic beat, bass lines and chord structures, but simple, smooth melodies. I recorded a previous version of the song with echoed saxophones on the limited edition album MySoulBeing, but the new version it 10 times better and incredibly fitting for the sound that Fujareh is looking to incorporate.

I have to say it was a good day. I heard back from DJ Underdog and DJ Big Des (two of my favorites) on a bit of business that’s going down near term and as it turns out, I think I may have an additional talent as a booking agent. Either way, tomorrow will be filled with making some last minute connections, getting the contracts back from the Venue that is going to let me do my thing every Friday night, and of course…homework. I’ve got class Wednesday nights.

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