The Movement Day 10: NYE Music!

So I’ve working on a pair of tracks since December 31,2012 and the results are coming together really nice. I haven’t been so excited since I was about to lose my virginity! One of the songs is cool and laid back and the other is remnant of some jazzy circus music circa 1907.

The primary thing that has inspired me over the course of the last few weeks has been the people in my life. It’s funny how when you focus on what you love, life adjusts to make it possible:

  • My best friend got engaged to his girl and I’m so excited about the future they are building together!
  • I’ve been working with VisionView Television to create live broadcasts and post production content for their media group. The Cutlass and Cane Boxing Day event at Smith Commons was a success and post production is being finished up soon.
  • My beloved little sister even sent me a care package with a new Calvin Klein coat, hat, and gloves from Michigan! Sweet!
Thanks Sis!

Thanks Sis!

Also, I will be hosting #TheLivingRoom event two different Fridays in Β January. DJ Underdog will be spinning and I have a special surprise for guests so stay tuned for the next one!

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