The Movement Day 15: Writer’s Fury

3pm: This is a strange Sunday afternoon. Friday night I hosted #TheLivingRoom, then Saturday I tried to just relax. Today was spent helping a friend out in Virginia build a website that selling revolutionary radio belt clip devices for emergency response teams. I’ve had my life saved a few times so I try to give back. I won’t get back to the studio tonight but I will be writing out some lyrics on the laptop.

8pm: I’m writing about relationships.  I was reflecting on a couple experiences I’ve had over the last few months of 2012 and how people are always talking about how people talk about how tough it is. Sometimes it is hard but lately I haven’t had any major issues. I guess the women that I’ve dated of late are good choices. That’s funny.


9pm: Mixing music makes me happy. I’m getting a couple songs ready for mastering in Cubase and I think I’m becoming a bit of a stunner at it. That’s awesome!

10p: Shouldn’t have kicked the hornet’s nest. I need to get back to DC so I can play some music.

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