The Movement Day 16: Inauguration

obama-inaugurationThis is a powerful weekend! Friday, the Inauguration Edition of #TheLivingRoom ends up being a solid night. It started off really slow but it really did well through the evening. A bunch of people came out and supported The Movement and were rewarded with some really awesome music spun by DJ Underdog. I always like meeting new people and the crowd didn’t disappoint.

Saturday was a lot more chill but I spent most of it out in Virginia. I even grilled some cheeseburgers while the sun was going down. It was so random. I don’t even know what prompted it but I guess that’s the mind of a brilliant musician for you.

obamaSunday was a bit confusing for me because I didn’t watch enough television to know that the Inauguration was going to be publicly celebrated in DC Monday instead of Sunday. President Obama (I love saying that) was sworn in during a private ceremony in the oval office at 12p noon on January 20th to satisfy the Constitutional requirements, but the real fanfare is going down today. It’s kinda cool that the swearing in of the United States of America’s first black President happens to be on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday. I wonder what he’d say if he were alive to see it?

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