The Movement Day 2 “underthemoon” 1

I spent the day locked in the Studio room at our band director’s house recording the vocals for the reggae version of a song I wrote called “underthemoon“. The song was originally written as a soulish swing jazz piece but one day in practice I started singing the lyrics over a track called “Fujareh Reggae”; Samantha and Rey began harmonizing the vocals and the next thing you know we’d belted out the whole song. It was awesome! It was an accidental hit and we’re putting it on the album so I’m pretty excited! The band director, Claude Richards, shot out an email last week to the Fujareh vocalists and asked if we could lay a few tracks for the demo and upcoming album and we all agreed to get together to get it done. I really appreciate the personal touches Samantha and Reyhanna added to the piece. They are so talented and versatile, I really enjoy working with them. Vershawn did an exceptional job with handling the engineering during the recording phase and providing a lot of insight to the girls and I on getting the sound right. He also laid the track work for a potential cover song “come over“, by Estelle and our rendition of “use me” by Bill Withers.

We had some good laughs, made some good music, and had lasagna so you really can’t beat a 10 hour Friday like that. Can’t wait to do it again!

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