The Movement Day 20: #TheLivingRoom at Tropicalia

thelivingroom 22feb


I’m really excited to announce the 5th Edition of #TheLivingRoom at one of Washington DC’s hottest new venues… Tropicalia! This super secret underground paradise, with its funkadelic walls, 23rd century sound system, and gorgeous crowd cured the strangest of ills.

The night began with a Lemony Snicket-like Series of Unfortunate Events but through patience, diligence, and a bit of luck. DJ Underdog and I met with Jim over at Tropicalia, one of DC’s best kept secrets, to discuss  the future of #TheLivingRoom. Everything about  the venue screams different and unique. The decor, the art, the lighting, the people, and of course the array of Brazilian-inspired drinks make Tropicalia one of my favorite places and a psychedelic choice for the next experience (plus they have a ton of cool music streams in their Twitter Feed: @TropicaliaDC).

I didn’t know it, but Underdog mentioned #TheLivingRoom and what we were looking to accomplish a few weeks prior and Jim thought the idea might be an interesting interlude to install at the new venue. During our conversation, Underdog, Jim, and I agreed that all of our ideas, insight could align to create a very interesting Friday evening happy hour for our guests and agreed to hold the 5th Edition of #TheLivingRoom on Friday, February 22nd starting at 6pm. So whether you’re just getting off work, or finishing up class, whether you’re on the ass end of a metro commute home to your digs uptown, or you just like to hangout in supercool underground sonic paradises when the sun hits the horizon. I want to see you at #TheLivingRoom. For event info: Click Here. For a special guestlist consideration fill in the following form:

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