The New Setup

This past weekend was the first weekend working with my new studio setup. I changed things up a bit because I wanted to increase my productivity and improve the quality of my audio recordings. After doing some research (and some honesty about my creative process), I found that I used a lot of time doing setup for my recordings. The time it took me to set up a project could be reduced drastically by employing a mixer with the settings preset for different types of recordings. The great part is, I already had a Behringer mixer to experiment with.

I’d previously been running everything through my analog/digital audio converter and using only the Cubase DAW mixers to handle mixing. Now I’m routing the audio through a Behringer mixer, through the converter. This allows me more detailed mixing control of both the analog input and the digital recording. Its a bit more complex but I think its necessary to take my sound to the next level.


  • The power management was spectacular!
  • Pre-programmed effects settings in the mixer allowed me to transition back and forth between projects quickly and with ease.
  • Monitoring through the mixer seemed to be easier to manage than using the sound card (no window switching)
  • A lot easier to plug and play band equipment.
  • Presets make it faster for plug and play
  • I can record more musicians at the same time


  • Sometimes I get some feedback/static issues that I did not have before.
  • I need more XLR cables.
  • I’m going to need a more powerful laptop to reduce latency over time
  • I need to figure out a better way to track my sends. Right now i’m doing it from memory and its hairy when I forget one
  • I need to completely rework my project templates in Cubase based on the new settings… it’ll be at least a day in the user’s manual.
  • Overall I’m happy with the setup. As long as I pay attention to the details and get spun up on the white papers, the quality of my recordings should improve exponentially over the next few weeks.

I’ll be expanding this list and adding new capabilities over the next few months. Follow the light…

New #mixer setup

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